Grahame C.W. Howard


Welcome to my website, refreshed and reinvigorated to accompany the launch of my latest book, ‘The Marble Corridor.’ Having published the ‘Euthanasia Protocol,’ a personal diatribe against things which have concerned me over the years, in this my third, and final, memoir I narrate some tales about the often eccentric but always fascinating people it has been my pleasure to have met over the years.






‘Tom Sharpe does 1984.’ This review probably best sums up the mix of humour and allegory that is, ‘The Euthanasia Protocol.’ Sadly since its publication in 2014 much of the content has proved to be prescient. The wars of religion have been declared and we are more than ever dumbed down by systems and protocols. How to manage our ageing society is a political hot potato and although no-one has yet has suggested euthanasia as a solution it may not be long until it is in a party manifesto. Watch this space!

Latest release

Originally a short story documenting the appalling hours junior doctors worked in the 70’s and 80’s I extended the text to include some of the other issues, both moral and ethical, that junior doctors faced then, as they do now.


In this latest book there is plenty to entertain the reader. From the juvenile antics of young doctors in the sixth form atmosphere of a research unit, to the often bizarre experiences of working for a charitable institution, here, as in life, tragedy and humour are closely entwined.